About Us

We are a well established Manchester (UK) based Dyson and Sebo specialist; the largest independent in the north of England. We are a British family business and we are proud of that. The old adage 'big enough to cope - small enough to care' describes us perfectly. The reason you found us (or were recommended to us) is because we know about Dyson and Sebo and our reputation precedes us. People drive to our Manchester shop from Lancashire, Cheshire, Liverpool, Yorkshire, Birmingham and sometimes even further afield. We serve online clients from across the world - from Russia to Australia to the USA.

You may choose to do business with us over the internet. Here is what you want to know before you do: We are not just another faceless internet site owned by Mr Nobody. We are a proper bricks and mortar old-fashioned shop too. We have an excellent international reputation of which we are very proud (Read our testimonials to see why). We have real landline phone numbers that people actually answer (well, when we are open and not helping other customers anyway). And you can go and find us on Google maps if you want to, in order to make sure that we actually are where we say we are. So many websites you can find on the internet are simply smoke and mirrors and you have no clue who you are giving your money to.

With us, you don't call a dodgy "08" telephone number, we speak plain (mostly native) British English, we actually care that you are happy with your purchases and we even ring you back when we said we would. Isn't that how things used to be and how they should be? We think so.

Unlike most online Dyson or Sebo spare parts sellers, we do not simply source the cheapest Chinese-made products that we can find. As Dyson experts, we only sell what we use ourselves on the reconditioned Dysons we build. We source from a multitude of manufacturers and suppliers - British based if possible - and only supply what we think is both good quality and value for money. Put simply: If we think a part is poor quality or over-priced, it doesn't get into our shop.

We are approved Sebo agents, and carry both the commercial and domestic range of Sebo vacuums. 

As an independent, that gives us the freedom to sell what we want to sell rather than what we are told to sell. Although we supply many Dyson and Sebo genuine spare parts, we also pick and choose spares from a myriad of other after-market suppliers and manufacturers. Often these are what are called OEM parts. OEM stands for 'Original Equipment Manufacturer'. That means a non-branded part labelled as 'non-genuine' often comes out of the same factory that makes them for the original manufacturer. But at less money and in different packaging. We also dismantle thousands of end-of-life vacuums every year to harvest the spare parts, so you will also find many recycled parts in our shop. And who doesn't want to be green and save money?

As you have probably gathered by now, we don't take ourselves too seriously. We try to inject a little humour here and there. You may notice that reading some of our parts descriptions. We enjoy what we do and we get it right most of the time (and if we get it wrong, we'll fix it). Our objective is that you get what you bought in a timely manner, at a reasonable price, and are happy enough about the service you received that you tell your family, friends or maybe other people on the internet about us. Or you can just tell us, and we'll add it to our testimonials.