Sebo to Dyson 32mm tool adaptor.

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As Sebo vacuum cleaners become more and more popular in the UK, and some people change over from Dyson to Sebo vacuum cleaners, they often want to use their favourite Dyson tools that they invested money in on their new Sebo vacuum cleaner.  

Tools such as the Dyson dusting brush, flexi crevice tool, up top tool, mattress tool, stubborn dirt brush and the standard old-style, three-piece tool set comprising of stair, crevice and brush tool. 

If you have Dyson (or other tools with a 32mm hole) tools to fit any models from the Dyson DC01 to the Dyson DC14, with this adaptor, you can now use them with your Sebo X series, BS series, Felix, Dart and most Sebo cylinder vacuum cleaners. 

If your Dyson tools have the tool fitting that was used from the DC16 onward that looks like this: 

As standard on the DC24, DC25, DC33, DC40, DC41, DC50, cordless and handheld, etc. then you will also need >>this<< adaptor (which you may already have anyway).

The photos above should clarify usage (and will blow up if clicked). If you have doubts about which adaptor/s you need to make your Dyson tools work with your Sebo, >>contact us<< or ask the question in >the Sebo room on our advice forums< rather than get it wrong. 

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